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2023 Gender Diversity, Equality and Inclusion Asia Report

Unity in Diversity: Transforming the Landscape of Gender Equity in Asia

Is Asia Ready to Lead in Gender DEI?

The Asian market possesses untapped potential when it comes to gender equality. Our in-depth research reveals that by 2025, a value up to $4.5 trillion could be unlocked for the Asia-Pacific region through gender equality. While 60% of Asian companies have set diversity targets, the reality remains that women face inequality in workplaces, especially in certain key areas and levels. This report provides an array of strategies to fundamentally understand and address these issues, positioning Asia as a true global leader in diversity and inclusiveness. It delves deeply into several key areas, including cultural influences, early career drop-offs, and adaptability to technology. Additionally, the report shares successful practices and case studies for businesses and organizations to emulate. Through this report, we hope to ignite further thought and action in the Asian market towards gender equality.

Want a comprehensive understanding of the opportunities and challenges in the domain of gender equality in Asia, as well as strategies on how to lead globally? Download our report now and join us in exploring this cutting-edge topic!


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