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ASIA 2023

Talent Report Greater Asia 2023 brochure




The global workforce has experienced a turbulent few years, with the international talent pool experiencing many fundamental shifts and unemployment rates reaching a 40-year high in some key markets.

A workforce that is aging overall, while Millennials and Gen Z workers are coming of age, is creating new challenges for companies seeking to balance employee needs and traditional corporate values.

Overall higher education levels and subsequent higher expectations of entry-level work has led to greater job polarization amongst new potential recruits. Simultaneously, a greater emphasis on personal space, among other factors, has dramatically impacted overall employment stability and sustainability. Understanding these trends and adjusting operational approaches proactively can not only help with current employees but also pave the way for the next generation.

In this report, you’ll learn about the:

Understanding Your Workforce: Job Polarization
With many fundamental shifts occurring in available workforce resources, understanding the impacts of external factors as well as employee concerns is key.

Behaviors & Motivations: Addressing Modern-Day Concerns
Employees are demanding that companies take a closer look at overall operational issues alongside attention to individual employee needs.

Proactive Policy Shifts: Sustainability, Diversity & Interpersonal Space
Motivate employees through attention to individual and group concerns while supporting fair and equal treatment across age, race, culture, and gender.

Attracting New Talent: Solutions for New Acquisitions
While conventional talent acquisition methods may have been successful in the past, modern-day trends require adaptation in order to keep costs low while attracting the best talent available.

Capitalizing on Fear: Leveraging the Economy to Your Advantage
Global economic fears are an overwhelming workforce concern – great news for talent attraction and retention.

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