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Tech & Digital Salary guide 2022

Morgan Philips has come out a comprehensive overview of the key salary and job trends for all the main Tech & Digital roles. The data inside has been collated by our recruitment experts by thousands of candidate interviews and client assignments conducted and carried out within the last 12 months.

How have salaries evolved in the Maindland China Tech & Digital industry?

Overall, the recruitment demands for data and AI relevant roles are increasing still, such as data analyst, data developer, data scientist, data engineer, AI/ML engineer, and etc. More companies are kicking off and upgrading their digital transformation that contributes a great quantity of those hiring needs.

In recent years, tech-driven companies pay more attention to improve work efficiency, candidates who have hands-on experience of Agile OR DevOps practices getting more popular. More DevOps related vacancies are open, but candidate supplies are far more less still.

The hybrid way to work under Covid-19 provides candidates with more flexibility to to engage with job market, and “work life balance” is becoming a more important factor for candidate when considering to a job change.

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