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IT & Digital

Our Specialist solutions

The tech sector is constantly evolving.
To attract and recruit the best talents, you have to to adopt a creative approach and leverage the expertise of an experienced partner with both extensive market knowledge as well as the innovative methods and tools that will help you access those hard to find talents.

Our recruiting experts in IT & Digital typically work with:

Large and renowned domestic Internet companies icon

Large and renowned domestic Internet companies

SMES, mid-size companies, Key Accounts that are leading their Digital and IT transformation icon

SMES, mid-size companies, Key Accounts that are leading their Digital and IT transformation

Start-ups and unicorn companies icon

Start-ups and unicorn companies

Private equity firms and Fintech companies icon

Private equity firms and Fintech companies

E-traders/E-commerce marketplaces icon

E-traders/E-commerce marketplaces

Digital Agencies (data, search marketing, e-marketing, mobile, social media, retargeting, ad exchanges) icon

Digital Agencies (data, search marketing, e-marketing, mobile, social media, retargeting, ad exchanges)

Which sectors do we recruit in?

  • Healthcare and e-healthcare
  • AI
  • Big Data
  • Internet
  • Banking and Insurance
  • Fintech
  • Industry
  • Automotive
  • E-commerce
  • Luxury, retail and fashion
  • Food/cosmetics
  • Property and construction

IT, tech and digital roles/skills we specialise in:

  • Data: Chief Data Officers, Data Engineers, Data Scientists, Big Data Directors
  • Development: Lead Developers, Chief Technical Officers (CTOs), Chief Information Officers (CIOs), Webmasters, Web designers, Web project managers, Heads of Project Management, Architect, Front End Developers, Back End Developers, Mobile, Java/PHP/SQL developers
  • Algorithm Researcher: CV,Speech,NLP
  • Operation: Operation VP, Platform Operation GM, User Operation Directors, E-commerce Operation Directors
  • ERP & business solutions: E-CRM project managers, Data Project Managers, Lean engineers

Digital Marketing roles/specialist skills we recruit for:

  • Acquisition: SEO/SEM Senior Manager
  • Data & CRM: CRM Manager, Data Scientists
  • Social media: Community Manager, Social Media Manager
  • Design: Art Directors, Visual Director, Sr. Designer, UI Manager
  • User experience: UX Managers
  • Content: Content Director
  • E-commerce: EC Director, EC Marketing Manager, EC Merchanidising Manager, EC Media Manager
  • Marketing: Media Manager, Digital Marketing Manager, Head of Digital, Ommichannel Directors

Contact our experts

Anthony Wu portrait

Anthony Wu

Senior Consultant
Sales & Marketing

Tel: +86 21 3103 2285
Mavis Mai portrait

Mavis Mai

Consulting Manager
IT & Big data

Tel: +86 20 6293 1248
Hedy Huo portrait

Hedy Huo

Hedy Huo
Internet & High-tech

Tel: +86 10 2173 7314

7 reasons to partner with us for all your IT & digital recruitment needs


A common language and DNA with both our clients and candidates.


Innovative and exclusive recuitment techniques: for roles that are acute skill shortages, it is crucial to tap into all available talent pools.

  • A global shared database with tens of thousands of talents specializing in IT & Digital.
  • 4 talent research centres (Zhuhai, Philippines, Mexico and Mauritius) with access to more than 250 global candidate. databases.

Specialist consultants with strong track records in the sectors and functions they recruit for - experts at adopting the latest and best techniques for targeting talents.


Generates 40% more applications by using video adverts, from junior to more experienced positions.


Creates fresh new content periodically (articles, webinars, talent reports, salary surveys), establishing a community that attracts and retains the best talents in the marketplace.


A unique expert network, the Club 5000, who advise us and connect us with the best talents in their network.


An international network that gets us access to the latest market trends and share those insights with both our clients and candidates.

Recent examples of our client assignments:

  • CDO - RMB 3M - Sports - Shanghai
  • Digital Project Director - RMB 1.8M - FMCG - Beijing
  • Digital Marketing Director - RMB 1.4M - Hospitality - Shanghai
  • CRM Director - RMB 1.2M - Durable Goods - Shanghai
  • Digital Marketing Head - RMB 1M - Diamonds & Jewellers - Shanghai
  • eCommerce sr manager - RMB 900K - Durable Goods - Shanghai
  • eCommerce manager - RMB 600K - Cosmetic - Shanghai
  • Social Media Manager - RMB 500K - Luxury Fashion - Shanghai
  • UX Manager - RMB 400K - Sports - Shanghai
  • eCommerce executive - RMB 150K - Luxury - Shanghai
  • CTO - RMB 1.5M - Internet - Beijing
  • CIO - RMB 1.5M - Internet - Beijing
  • COO - RMB 1.3M - E-commerce - Beijing
  • Head of Data - RMB 1.5M - Internet - Beijing
  • Operation VP - RMB 1M - E-commerce - Beijing
  • Architect - RMB 1M - Internet - Beijing
  • APP Application Development - RMB 1M - Internet - Beijing
  • Front-end Director - RMB 800K - Internet - Beijing
  • DevOps Expert - RMB 580K - Fintech - Guangzhou
  • Data Scientist - RMB 570K - Hospitality/entertainment - Zhuhai

What are the latest trends in IT & digital ?

What are the latest trends in IT & digital ?

Salary guide for technology and digital roles 2022

The insights are based on tens of thousands of candiate interviews and client assignments implemented by our IT, Digital and E-Commerce experts over the past 12 months.

Download the guide >


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