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Consumer Salary guide 2022

Morgan Philips has come out a comprehensive overview of the key salary and job trends for all the main Consumer roles. The data inside has been collated by our recruitment experts by thousands of candidate interviews and client assignments conducted and carried out within the last 12 months.

How have salaries evolved in the Maindland China Consumer industry?

Despite continued disruption, 2021 saw a surprisingly strong rebound in Consumer Goods (Food, Nutrition and Cosmetics) – both globally and in Asia as companies and individuals adapted more quickly than expected. Economies continue to flourish, the job market is rejuvenated, and with the spotlight on flexibility and wellbeing, people are emboldened to reevaluate the balance between their work and personal lives.

Zooming back to 2022, rising confidence and optimism will see employers investing more in growing their workforce. However due to unexpected The Black Swan cases such as the outburst of Russia-Ukraine War; the rebound of Covid-19 especially in China metropolitans also cast a shadow over economic & industrial recovery in consumer markets.

Under this macro background, we would like to observe and predict the major sectors in consumer industry in the perspective of recruitment demands, which gives you the insight to help you make decisions towards the next steps of your business planning or your careers.

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