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Industrial Manufacturing Salary guide 2022

Morgan Philips has come out a comprehensive overview of the key salary and job trends for all the main Industrial Manufacturing roles. The data inside has been collated by our recruitment experts by thousands of candidate interviews and client assignments conducted and carried out within the last 12 months.

How have salaries evolved in the Maindland China Industrial Manufacturing industry?

This year our consultants continue to trace the talent movement and hiring trends for the Industrial Manufacturing roles in China through thousands of candidate interviews and data comparison among millions of professionals, which covers electrical/electronic manufacturing, Semiconductors and industrial Automation.

Overall, with the impact of the Covid-pandemic and changes in international relations prompted the traditional labor-intensive manufacturing industry to the Southeast Asian market, electronic semiconductor and high-end technology industry has expanded significantly, and with it, the related talent structure changes, some non-technical industry management personnel slowly appear surplus, while the high-end technical talent is very short, R & D design, process technology, management personnel with strong technical background, etc.,

In addition, with the increase of enterprise pressure and the development of the semiconductor industry, in addition to the technical direction, the ability of outstanding marketing and sales personnel has become the urgent need to supplement the enterprise strength of each enterprise.

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