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Salary Guide Mainland China 2023

The Morgan Philips Salary Guide is published annually to provide hiring managers and candidates with salary references across various industries by job functions. Our data is based on extensive research and analysis, including thousands of candidate interviews and client assignments conducted over the past 12 months. For each role, we provide insights on key metrics such as geography, seniority, education, tenure, job changes, and trends

What are the major workforce and salary trends in Mainland China?

Mainland China's workforce is expected to experience continued growth in 2023, driven by government initiatives to promote innovation, technology, and sustainability. The technology industry is expected to continue to expand, creating job opportunities in areas such as AI, big data, robotics, and 5G. Additionally, renewable energy, healthcare, and the service sector, including finance and logistics, are also expected to see growth.

However, the workforce also faces challenges such as an aging population, wealth gap, and a shortage of skilled workers in certain sectors. To address these challenges, the government is investing in vocational education programs and promoting policies such as hiring workers from rural areas.
In Beijing, the technology industry is expected to grow due to the city's talent pool in AI, big data, and robotics. Shanghai is expected to grow in the financial and service industries, as well as innovation and technology. Guangzhou is expected to continue growing in manufacturing and trade, as well as in innovation and technology. Shenzhen is expected to grow in electronics and technology, with a focus on new technologies such as 5G and IoT. Overall, the Mainland China workforce outlook for 2023 is positive, but the government and businesses must address challenges such as the aging population and a shortage of skilled workers to fully realize the potential of the Chinese economy.

This guide covers four sectors/functions:

Industrial & Manufacturing
Consumer & Retail
Pharmaceuticals / Biotech
Technology & Digital
Accounting & Finance
Procurement & Supply Chain
Human Resources

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