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Advance the performance of your senior leaders with executive coaching

Enhance employee productivity and develop your leaders

  • Assessment for development and agility using leading edge digital approaches
  • Build your talent, identify future leaders and help them to develop with training and coaching expertise
  • Insight into preferred methods of working, motivation and capability for individuals, teams and organisations
  • Support with building high performance teams

Our proven evidence-based solutions

We have a range of tools and methodologies to assist you in developing
your people

Development report

Online assessments to identify potential for selection and development

Develop your leaders

Invest in your talent with coaching and opportunities


360 feedback for personal growth 
and development


Easily visualise and explore your existing talent with digital dashboards

Our approach to development

Morgan Philips Agility - the pace at which you move towards your potential.

Pace towards potential

What drives Pace?

Your Pace factors are the areas of innate motivation and positive behaviour you are inclined to take up that accelerate your progress to achieving optimal performance.

What causes you to Brake?

Your Brake factors are your areas of non-preference, resistance and limiting behaviours that can slow your progress and the progress of those around you.

Common questions we help answer

"How do you develop your future leaders?"

"How do you align strategy with the talent of the organisation?"

"How do you build high performing teams?"

"How quickly will they be ready?"

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